About Sasha Prince

Maui Wedding Photographer

Award winning photographer Sasha Prince was born and raised in Hawaii, where she developed a love for art and culture at an early age. After attending art/photography school on the mainland, she returned to Maui where she has found her niche in wedding photography, portraiture, and album design.

Sasha’s deep appreciation for fine art photography and portraiture are evident in her wedding photography where her focus is capturing the intimacy between couples.

I pay close attention to the chemistry between my couples. If they are spontaneous with each other, I’m right there with my camera to capture that moment.

Sasha’s spirit and creativity resonate in her photography, lending an artistic touch to the way she captures the joy and tenderness of any couple’s special day.

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Sasha Prince

Sasha Prince, photo by Kym Hopfner

Sasha Prince’s photography is about the art of people in particular and this is attributed to the fact that there is nothing more artistically complex nor more interesting than a human being.

Behind the Lens

This is a place I feel at home; safe. I see, feel and capture most things people wouldn’t think matter. It’s “feeling” the shot rather than making the shot. I don’t look for perfection—I look for what’s raw and real.