Day of Shoot

Booking a portrait photography session can be both energizing and nerve-wracking. You want to have an incredible set of pictures and get your money’s worth. However, if you are not comfortable with being in front of the camera, here are a couple of tips to help you get the most out of your portrait photography package:


Make sure to come to the shoot around ten minutes early to give yourself time to get prepared and comfortable.
Bring musical instruments, props, outfits, tokens – anything that will help get you in a good mood and put a grin on your face!
Consider what you need your portrait photographs to be and feel free to attempt a couple of new things as well. Appreciate the session and have a fantastic time!

What to Wear

  1. Wear well-fitting clothing that matches your complexion and is also suitable for the type of picture you want.
  2. Bring a range of garments to test. What you envision in your mind won’t necessarily look right on camera.
  3. Avoid loud patterns and prints – shading and basic patterns work best in photographs.
  4. Similarly, keep jewelry straightforward and limited.
  5. V-neck and scoop-neck shirts are the most complimentary for those with round figures or short necks.
  6. Turtlenecks are the most complimentary for serious looks.
  7. You don’t need shoes!
  8. For group pictures, you should coordinate the garments you’ll be wearing – look for colors, prints, and styles that tie the gathering together.

Hair and Makeup

Countless studios can assist you with hair and makeup when you arrive. On the other hand, you can do most of it yourself and at home first.

  1. Bring a hairbrush and makeup kit, allowing you to make last-minute changes before the portrait photography session.
  2. Pay attention to the parts you want to emphasize and give yourself a little makeover. Trim, buff and paint your fingernails (clear hues are best), trim your eyebrows – get glitzy!
  3. Just make sure to keep the cosmetics fresh.

Consider having your hair styled the week before the session. For men, a fresh shave, trimmed whiskers, or a mustache can look extraordinary on a digital camera.

Try to avoid extended periods of daylight just before the photography session! Sunburn isn’t the greatest of looks…

The Kids

  1. Keep the children upbeat at their family portraits – truth be told, it’s supposed to be fun!
  2. Bring treats, refreshments, and also toys to fight off fits of boredom – things for the beach are always a welcome distraction.
  3. Bring a combination of garments and props to incorporate a broad range of looks into your photos.

Make sure to organize your photo shoot at a time when the youngsters won’t feel excessively hungry or tired.