South Maui

In South Maui, you will find the beachfront resort area of Wailea. Maui’s top 5 most prestigious hotels overlook the Wailea beachfront. Wailea is alive with music, dance, and late-night entertainment, often accompanied by the festive sounds of an outdoor wedding ceremony, live music or a traditional Hawaiian luau.

Beyond the Wailea resorts sits the peaceful area of Makena, home to luxurious beaches surrounded by lava rocks, and is one of best destination wedding locations in Hawaii.

The most popular area of South Maui is the lively beach town of Kihei. Kihei offers the bulk of South Maui’s shops, restaurants and tourist activities. Scattered along Kihei’s many beaches, visitors will find shady lawns and palm trees, beach parks and live music events.

South Maui may seem like just another seaside beach town. But this lovely and picturesque area are overflowing with activity, from the land to the sea. South Maui offers a seemingly endless supply of things to see and things to do and the perfect setting for any kind of photography.