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Maui Portraits with Sarah

Sarah is 23 years old and a professional model from New Jersey who now lives in Hawaii. Sarah has plenty of modeling experience in Runway, Promotional, TV and Print. A small-town girl with big ambitions, besides modeling, she plans to venture into Missions-work to become an overseas teacher in Africa. Sarah is known for her persistent and passionate style behind the lens. Sarah has also worked with designers from Project Runway and been featured in blogs for New York Fashion Week. Sarah is stunning and was pleasant to work with. You can read more about her by viewing her profile here.

Impromptu Photo Shoot: Chloe

20 Minutes of Golden Light

On this day, I remember feeling particularly inspired. I had the sudden urge to take a beautiful portrait and I only had 20 minutes left of sunshine. Chloe was available on a moments notice and everything fell into place flawlessly. Her living room had a large window with golden light shining in — it was the perfect setting. It was Chloe’s idea to bring her pet bird into the pictures with her. This was the second time I had photographed Chloe and I was pleasantly surprised by her natural ability in front of the camera. The fact that we were in her living room may have contributed to her comfort level.

Where does inspiration come from?

For me, inspiration comes in a few different forms — like a feeling from within. Sometimes I see beautiful light or a beautiful setting. From there, I draw inspiration from the people near me, and look to capture something candid and personal about them.

When inspired, sometimes all it takes is 20 minutes to create something beautiful.

Poipu Beach Engagement, Anna and Chonway

Bic, contacted me prior, to book a surprise beach engagement session for her brother Chonway. While here on vacation, Chonway had decided to propose to his girlfriend Anna. Anna was completely surprised! Chonway and Anna had been engaged just for a day or two when we met at this secret beach, on the south side of Maui, for a mini engagement session. Congratulations, Chonway and Anna! I am so happy for you both!

Lahaina, Shelly and Eddie

Shelly just lit up in-front of the camera, posed and moved with grace. At one point, I teased Eddie because he was making funny faces. He felt if he takes himself to seriously, he doesn’t have fun. I think that is a great approach while getting your picture taken. With Eddie’s lighthearted approach and Shelly’s natural presence, I was able to capture a real, fun and spontaneous moment.