Photography has always been a passion for me. When not shooting weddings or portraits professionally, I enjoy spending my spare time taking pictures for fine art. Living in Maui, Hawaii, I also love to make advantage of the surrounding landscapes and culture where I find inspiration.

Why Get Married in Hawaii?

Beach weddings in Hawaii! Deciding where to get married can be a huge decision.  Perhaps you should look into a wedding in Hawaii. Getting married in Hawaii is a beautiful and romantic experience and these reasons will have you planning your destination wedding to Hawaii as soon as possible! Hawaii, especially Maui, is one of […]

Capturing Life

The best parts of life aren’t staged. When you think back to the times in your life that you were the happiest, was someone telling you where to stand? Of course not. The best times are when we are our most authentic selves, and we’re with people who are their most authentic selves and everything […]

Why Take Engagement Photos

Many couples want to make use of the services of a professional photographer to capture the unforgettable moments of their wedding. A wedding is regarded as one of the most important days for couples getting married. Some couples, however, don’t plan on having an engagement photograph session, which could significantly help the couple gain insight […]

IamA Wedding Photographer in Maui AMA!

What sort of portraiture locations on Maui would you recommend for those picture perfect south pacific backgrounds? I’d have to say both Po’olenalena Beach for sunset and Baldwin Beach by day/mornings. Po’olenalena Beach because of the greenery, long stretch of beach, lava rocks, and it’s the perfect angle for a golden sunset. Baldwin Beach because […]

Q&A with Sasha Prince Photography

What got you started in the photography business in Hawaii? Well, I first started working under another photographer who specialized in weddings. It was kind a natural progression from working with someone to starting my own business. I built up my knowledge working under someone else and learned the ins-and-outs of the wedding business. How […]

Capturing Light

As you might imagine, as a photographer, I love capturing light. And you’d be right — but probably not in the way you’d expect. You see, I believe there’s a light in all of us that radiates when we’re doing the things we love the most. We invest so much time into the things we […]

Best Places on Maui to Get Married

Are you getting married on Maui?  Perhaps on the beach or one of Maui’s many private estates?  Maybe you’re planning your dream wedding or eloping in Maui…  Either way, if you’re destination wedding includes a simple Maui wedding or you’re searching for the perfect venue to host your marriage, then read on.  As a wedding photographer on Maui, I’ve […]

What Camera Do Professional Photographers Use?

Nikon or Cannon. I think most professional photographers also prefer full-frame cameras.  It’s my opinion that the lens defines a photographer’s style. Additionally, how your camera is used and how well you know your camera is what sets each photographer apart. So what’s in my bag? Continue reading… You don’t take a photograph, you make it. —Ansel […]

Surprise Engagements & Proposals

A marriage proposal is a very special moment. Many may plan for months, picturing the right scenario, and searching for the perfect ring. They imagine what they are going to say, and where they are going to make everything happen. Proposing is a big deal, so they’ll want to make this moment an unforgettable one. A photograph of the amazed face of your […]

Sasha Prince Photography Joins The Maui Wedding Association

I’m very excited to become part of the community of Wedding Professionals at Maui Wedding Association! The Mission Statement of Maui Wedding Association is to bring together businesses to promote the advancement of the Maui wedding industry, to offer opportunities for professional growth through education and the sharing of ideas, and to foster a caring […]