Why Get Married in Hawaii?

Beach weddings in Hawaii!

Deciding where to get married can be a huge decision.  Perhaps you should look into a wedding in Hawaii. Getting married in Hawaii is a beautiful and romantic experience and these reasons will have you planning your destination wedding to Hawaii as soon as possible!

Hawaii, especially Maui, is one of the best destination wedding locations for many reasons. One reason is that Hawaii has hundreds of beautiful beaches. What could be more romantic than warm breezes, swaying palms and the sounds of surf? Timing your ceremony to take place at sunset, that’s what. And since this is Hawaii, the ‘Aha’aina male or wedding feast, can be a traditional luau.

Maui is one of the most popular locations for destination weddings… and honeymoons. The number one reason Hawaii is such a popular wedding destination is because it is still located in the United States. Just being in the US makes it so easy to get married here legally. There is no language barrier – and since no translations are needed for legal paperwork, you can get married easily and legally on all the islands of Hawaii!!

Now that you’ve found your perfect partner, you need to plan the perfect wedding ceremony.  What could be more perfect than a wedding in Hawaii? Thousands of people get married in Hawaii every year. It’s a place of love, romance and beauty. It has everything for the perfect wedding: a culture of love, gorgeous settings and a mystique that lives on in the memory of all who visit. There’s a reason tens of thousands of couples get married on the Hawaiian beaches every year – with our sandy beaches, fragrant flowers and painted skies providing the ultimate romantic storybook backdrop, Hawaii is truly the quintessential “dream wedding” location. Here are some reasons to get married in Hawaii:

Give friends and family an event to remember


You want your loved ones to enjoy your wedding as the special day it is, but how memorable will it be a couple of weeks after it’s done? Think of weddings you’ve been to – it was nice on the day, but did you really give it much thought days later.

Now imagine if, as a guest, you had been whisked away to a romantic island to spend the days as a truly memorable event. If you have family flying in from out of town, why not go just a little further and have everyone enjoy something special to take their stress away from daily life.

Give a little vacation to all of your loved ones. Allow them to relax and focus on the joy you’re sharing with them. It’s easy to forget a local wedding, but they’ll never forget that beautiful day in paradise.

Hawaiian weddings are unique


Many people get married close to home, and this is about the same to any wedding that friends and family go to. This offers the perfect opportunity to visit somewhere different and get away with your loved ones.

Your wedding will be a memory to last forever


Think about every wedding you have ever been to. Let me guess, small church, white wedding, pretty standard ceremony, reception, then home? Who knows what will happen at your wedding in Hawaii?! Days after the wedding, will your guests still be thinking about how much fun they had? If you decide to Get Married in Hawaii, yes they will.

Your Wedding is a wedding and honeymoon combined!


After your wedding, you don’t have to worry about traveling more to get to your honeymoon destination. Everything will be planned out for you in advance, and after you exchange “I Do’s,” you will have absolutely nothing more to worry about and you’ll have plenty of time for relaxing or recreation.

Costs are actually relatively inexpensive, contrary to popular belief


For each wedding, people drop thousands of dollars on decorations alone. When you marry in Hawaii, the land itself is beautiful enough on its own. Also, whoever you get to help you plan your wedding in Hawaii will know all of the locals and will be able to find you better deals on catering, entertainment, photography, and other services.

It’s paradise!


Peace, tranquility, romanticism, and beauty surround you and you couldn’t ask for a more perfect location than this. Unless you have a beach with palm trees and a beautiful clear ocean all around you, I doubt you can find another place so close to home that offers you the same natural amenities that Hawaii has to offer.

Hawaiian weddings are easier


Even though Maui, Hawaii is far from many couples’ homes who choose to get married here, it can be much easier to get married in Maui than at home. (This doesn’t mean it will be easy though!) Getting Married in Maui often means less guests and less hassle. Among many other aspects, this island makes things easier because so many others get married here too.

Preparations for your wedding are so much easier. The stress is taken away because all the local services know exactly what is needed, and can bring your whole day together with little notice. Weddings are a specialty, and the Hawaiian people are proud to make your joyous dream a reality to be forever cherished.

Hawaiian marriages are recognized world-wide


Hawaiian weddings are legal and binding in all 50 states, Additionally, most other countries in the civilized world recognize and accept Hawaiian weddings. There are no US citizenship requirements, and you don’t have to be a resident of Hawaii.

Marriage Equality


Same-sex marriage in Hawaii has been legal since December 2, 2013. The Hawaii State Legislature held a special session beginning October 28, 2013, and passed the Hawaii Marriage Equality Act legalizing same-sex marriage. Governor Neil Abercrombie signed the legislation on November 13, and same-sex couples began marrying on December 2. Hawaii also allows both same-sex and opposite-sex couples to formalize their relationships legally in the form of civil unions and reciprocal beneficiary relationships. Civil unions provide the same rights, benefits, and obligations of marriage at the state level, while reciprocal beneficiary relationships provide a more limited set of rights. [Wikipedia]

Cost savings are huge


You may expect a wedding in Hawaii costs far more than an alternative less distant occasion, but you actually save thousands in expenses. Decorations alone can often pay for the wedding. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful backdrop than a cool cascading waterfall or gentle waves on a tropical beach – Nature is your most breathtaking decoration, and it will surround you with beauty. The State of Hawaii requires a permit for beach weddings – with a nominal fee.

You’ve both said “Yes!” Now you need to find that perfect setting where you can declare your commitment to your family and friends – or just each other. Leave your comments below. Mahalo!

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