Wedding Photographer Maui

Water is made of tiny droplets just like mountains are made of tiny grains of sand. The ordinary eye would but view that which is visibly present such as a mountain or an ocean and would benefit greatly from such a soothing sight too, but that eye would actually be devoid of the beauties that exist beyond; the beauty of the water droplet when it is singled out, its significance, its grace and its elegance and how pitiful is that one should be kept from seeing the positive energies of the universe. Our life is made of moments much like those grains of sand and the purpose of our photography, as opposed to the usual idea that it is to capture images of one’s surroundings, is actually to peer deeper into reality and in doing so, arrest the art of the human being, with each blink of an eye a separate individual story, each movement worth watching.

Sasha Prince’s photography is about the art of people in particular and this is attributed to the fact that there is nothing more artistically complex nor more interesting than a human being.

In order to depict the true design, the sight has first to be felt and established a connection with. People have the innate ability to encapsulate the entire universe within them and it is not just them either. There are couples.

Couples – they carry with them an ethereal beauty, an angelic glow as though the Heavens themselves are shining down upon them and every smile that crosses their faces, every sound of laughter escaping their lips creates feelings that cannot be put into words but can only be witnessed and photographed once connected with.

The magical charm of people, the indescribable scattered uniqueness in all surroundings drives us to photograph it, to imprison it, to give it life forever and to display it so that the ordinary eye would be able to see it and bathe in the breathtaking vibes that can only be conveyed when captured with focus so deep that the world can be felt as it is in act around oneself.

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