Capturing Light

As you might imagine, as a photographer, I love capturing light. And you’d be right — but probably not in the way you’d expect. You see, I believe there’s a light in all of us that radiates when we’re doing the things we love the most.

We invest so much time into the things we need to do. We do our work. We run our errands. We do the laundry. We do the things we must to manage our lives and fulfill our responsibilities.

But that’s not what defines us.

We look forward to those moments when our hearts are filled with so much joy, we get that extra sparkle in our eyes. When we’re happy, you can see it in our smiles — it’s undeniable and it’s contagious.

When we love something so much, we can’t help but show it. We’re happy when we’re doing the things we love. Going to the beach. Swimming. Surfing. It’s not the same for everyone — but the way we love is the same.

When we’re with the people we love, this is when the light shines even brighter. It’s not just in our smiles. It’s not just in our eyes. It’s in everything we do.

It’s in how we look at them. It’s in how we can’t ever go more than about thirty seconds before we want to reach out and touch them. It’s in how when we’re doing those completely mundane things that make up most of our lives, the light shines through because we’re doing them with the people we love.

So yeah, I’m a photographer because I love capturing the light. I love capturing those moments when people are at their happiest — when they’re doing the things they truly love the most with the people they love the most. This is why so much of what I do is photograph wedding photo and engagements. I love capturing the light that exists between couples in love.

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