Maria Lanakila Church Wedding, Camille and Fernan

Fernan and Camille chose Maria Lanakila Church in Lahaina for their Maui wedding day. Between the holy white pillars, the two lovebirds committed to a life of love surrounded by family members and close friends. Every detail in the church complemented the bride and her delicate flower crown and bursting bridal bouquet. After Fernan grabs […]

Lahaina, Shelly and Eddie

Shelly just lit up in-front of the camera, posed and moved with grace. At one point, I teased Eddie because he was making funny faces. He felt if he takes himself to seriously, he doesn’t have fun. I think that is a great approach while getting your picture taken. With Eddie’s lighthearted approach and Shelly’s […]

Sasha Prince Photography Joins The Maui Wedding Association

I’m very excited to become part of the community of Wedding Professionals at Maui Wedding Association! The Mission Statement of Maui Wedding Association is to bring together businesses to promote the advancement of the Maui wedding industry, to offer opportunities for professional growth through education and the sharing of ideas, and to foster a caring […]

IamA Wedding Photographer in Maui AMA!

What sort of portraiture locations on Maui would you recommend for those picture perfect south pacific backgrounds? I’d have to say both Po’olenalena Beach for sunset and Baldwin Beach by day/mornings. Po’olenalena Beach because of the greenery, long stretch of beach, lava rocks, and it’s the perfect angle for a golden sunset. Baldwin Beach because […]

Impromptu Photo Shoot: Chloe

20 Minutes of Golden Light On this day, I remember feeling particularly inspired. I had the sudden urge to take a beautiful portrait and I only had 20 minutes left of sunshine. Chloe was available on a moments notice and everything fell into place flawlessly. Her living room had a large window with golden light […]

Ironwoods Beach Engagement, Gianna and Joe

Gianna and Joe’s engagement photos capture the playful innocence of their romance. Being engaged creates new wonder in their worlds. As they explore moments together, their gratitude and joy shine through on their faces and in their casual comfort. Blissed out at Ironwoods Beach, they barely noticed the photographer… #couples

Cara and Dominick: Maui Photography Shoot-out Group

Cara and Dominick over-looking the ocean. This spot had some wonderful rock formations! Thank you, Cara and Dominick, for being a part of our first shoot-out! This is a new group here on Maui where photographers come together to inspire, learn and shoot together. Jana Dillon, a local Maui photographer, organized our first shoot-out at […]

Andaz Maui, Angela and Kevin

Angela and Kevin came to Maui to celebrate their honeymoon. They were looking forward to a fun and casual morning photoshoot — with the vibrant colors of the ocean in the background. They were full of energy and there were plenty of great moments to capture! #couples